Ameritage® Introduces New Small Jumbo AME-32 Guita

(10/19/2005) at 12:13

ELKHORN, WI – The Small Jumbo acoustic guitar is loosely based off the old Gibson J-185 introduced in the 1950's and has become increasingly popular today, due to its versatility. Although slightly on the larger side with greater depth at the lower bout, the instrument has a tight waist, which makes it feel like a smaller guitar, according to Gibson's marketing materials.

Renewed interest by today's musicians has resulted in dozens and dozens of builders marketing Small Jumbos of their own to meet customer demand. And anyone who has tried to locate an adequate guitar case will be pleased to know that Ameritage® has just introduced the AME-32, a carrying case designed specifically for the unique body shape and dimensions of the Small Jumbo models.

The latest addition to the Ameritage® “Gold Series” of carrying cases, the AME-32 is the perfect solution that combines the kind of tailor fit protection that Ameritage® cases are famous for, with the classic good looks characteristic of this product line. With its compression fit, plush instrument suspension system covered in soft velour, a patented system to help maintain an ideal level of case humidity, and durable and breathable exterior hardwood shell with exclusive valance closure and heavy-duty draw bolts, the AME-32 is the ultimate carrying case for your treasured instrument, say company officials.

The exterior is finished in durable Cordura Plus® fabric covering, and a protective, abrasion-resistant trim is machined-stitched to the wood shell around the entire top and bottom perimeter. It's a proprietary process that requires time and skill, but another significant quality feature that customers say "separates Ameritage®" from competitive cases.

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