About Us

Coupling the invaluable input of musicians from around the world with nearly 50 years of case crafting experience, we are creating the “World's Most Exclusive Musical Instrument Cases™.” Ameritage® is a brand of GWW Group Inc., a family owned business that has been manufacturing carrying cases for the world's leading brands of carrying cases for decades.

Fretted instruments being built today are better than ever. These instruments are being crafted with impeccable construction, closer tolerances, thinner tops, beautiful woods and outstanding craftsmanship. However, we have heard repeatedly from musicians, repair technicians and vintage collectors how these fine instruments are easily susceptible to damage.

At Ameritage, we believe in preserving instruments for generations, so we created a professional carrying case consistent with your fretted instrument's craftsmanship – a case that protects your instrument from climatic effects which can cause swelling, splits, cracks, checking, movement in glue joints and distortion of woods. Within every standard Ameritage case is our exclusive, patented Humidity Control System™. This system allows you to create and maintain a stable environment within your case to combat excessive temperature and humidity variations – causing the vast majority of costly guitar repairs today.

Our hard-shell is constructed of strong, breathable wood crafted using a cross ply manufacturing technique - the preferred choice of repair technicians – covered in a weather and abrasion resistant Dupont® Cordura Plus material. The finest quality brass drawbolt latches secure the case.

Inside is a luxurious, plush velour covered suspension system for ultimate protection against damage; with body and neck nesting support, hygrometer, thermometer, Humidity Control System™, plus an ample accessory compartment.

Ameritage was founded on the belief that the best carrying case is the one designed with the musician or collector in mind. As we look to the future we will not waiver from this belief. We will continue to seek the input of quality-minded musicians – of people like you – to help us design the products that you want; products that enhance the musical experience. We truly want Ameritage to be a brand, "About Musicians, For Musicians".