The Ameritage Custom Shop

Dear Luthier or builder,

Since we have been crafting Ameritage Carrying Cases we are excited over the number of luthiers and instrument builders around the world who are outfitting their instruments with our cases. They have recognized the value of protecting their beautifully crafted instruments in Ameritage cases.

It would be a privilege to add you to our list of luthiers and instrument builders who use Ameritage. If you want to learn more about our exclusive Luthier and Builder Program, please contact us using the links below. You will be sent information that will outline a program that will benefit you greatly.

The beauty of this program is that it does not matter to us how many instruments you build annually. Our program is so unique that it is tailored to fit the builder of only one instrument a year to the builder of thousands! We are look forward to hearing from you.

Use one of the options below to learn more about the Ameritage Custom Shop or to request a quote: